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熟 Shu Puer

It belongs in the dark tea category, additionally fermented teas. Despite the fact that Shu Puer was created only recently, about 50 years ago, it is so popular and widespread that we dedicate its own chapter to it. Through controlled fermentation, it tries to imitate the process of many years of the natural maturation of the famous teas from the Chinese province of Yunnan. However, it is not entirely possible to speed up God's work, so rather a new type of dark tea was created. Even though it is already "ripe" from production, it benefits from further archiving. It has heavy earthy flavours with a soft mouthfeel and the colour of infusions ranges from copper to black. It caresses the stomach, helps digestion and really warms up the body.
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Yongde Shupu 2017
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Old Lee
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Essence of Puer 2010
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The Cake
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