Taiwan storage Shupu Early 2000's

2000's Menghai Shu Puer Fangcha

Fullbodied, earthy fermented dark tea with pure crisp bitterweet taste and a scent reminding of ischoklad and a forest after heavy rains with a fresh mineral aftertaste. Really beautiful example of traditional style of shu puer fermentation leaving a lot of potential for further ageing. Due to such style, tea can last many many infusions (unlike newly fermented teas) and possesses some perks attributed rather to sheng puers.

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan province, China
Cultivar: Dayezhong - Big leaf tea trees
Harvest: Early 2000's
Type:      Dark fermented tea (Shu Puer)
: Clean wet Taiwan storage


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500g brick shape pressed Shu Puer from wet, yet exceptionally clean Taiwanese storage. Unlike other Shu Puers from our selection stored in drier Kunming with warming and woody profile, this particular one gives rather metalic/mineral cold impression and notes and freshness of finely matured Sheng Puer. 

Even though it is wrapped in CNNP wrapper, we are totally certain this one is a private production as all the CNNP productions used to be pressed into 250g bricks only. 

Category: 茶 Tea