Ming Feng Shan Lao Shu Shu Puer Fang Cha 2022

A full-bodied, fun dark tea with a sweet creamy taste and aroma of cherry compote, skillfully roasted coffee beans and a fresh, fruity aftertaste..

Young Ripe Puer pressed into a 250g brick (Zhuan cha).

Origin: Ming Feng Shan, Yongde, Lincang, Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Dayezhong - Big leaf tea trees
Harvest: Spring and autumn 2022
Type: Fermented dark tea (Shu Puer)


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Modern processing makes it immediately drinkable, without earthy, fishy or overly the top fermented flavors, very fruity and very thick. The material surprisingly comes from older trees growing in the forests of Yongde District. The vast majority of shu puers on the market are made from tea trees growing on plantations, at best from very young arbor trees. Not the only old tree shu puerhs in our offer. The others (needles to say much more complex) are e.g. Old Thai Master 1996Bulang 2009 and X.O. Shupu 2002.
From our point of view, this is a beautiful, "evangelising" dark puer for anyone who is just starting out with shu puer teas. Thanks to its density and intensity, we believe that it will also interest coffee lovers or experienced tea drinkers.

Category: 茶 Tea