Vietnam Gushu X.O. Shupu 2002

2002 Vietnam Ha Giang Tra Pho Nhi

Wise aged dark tea with robust, earthy, mineral taste and a scent reminiscent of Chinese apothecary, woods and soil, and with immensful and warming aftertaste and energy.

Origin: Ha Giang, Vietnam
Cultivar: Dayezhong - Big Tree wild growing old trees
Harvest: 2002
Type: Fermented dark tea ("Shu Puer")
: Wet Vietnam storage


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One of our nicest, rarest and the most intriguing finds from Vietnam so far. A true gem of our tea lineup and indeed a surprise. As we had also been biased towards Shu Puers (or let's rather say Hei Cha) from Vietnam. This particular blew us away. Unique and intense aroma unlike anything we have ever tasted from Yunnan. Almost reminding of old school Liu Bao of the highest quality. Especially by it's haptic sensations, it's properties in the mouth and throat. Made of really old, Gushu, material it also delivers a really strong, yet sophisticated and very well-behaved massive influx of energy to the whole body. Truly one of a kind and our beloved find from our travels.

Category: 茶 Tea