Bulang Gushu Shu (Ripe) Puerh 2009

Bulang Guangbie Laozhai Gushu Shu Puer 2009

Rich old-tree shu puer with a creamy thick taste and scent of vanilla, dark chocolate and woods with a long gentle aftertaste.

Old tree (Gushu) Shu puers are still rather a rarity on the market. Most of the shu cha is made from plantation tea material and therefore not usually processed with care and artisan skill and intention. However that is not the case for this tea. From the first moment we truly fell in love with it's dense yet super silky smooth texture and smell and taste really reminding us of proper British Vanilla custard. Thanks to the age of the source tea trees it can last many infusions and just like all high-end shu puerhs, in later infusions it really nicely showcases the character of original source mao cha before the fermentation.

One of the most unique and beautiful Shu cha we've discovered in quite a few years.

Origin: Guangbie Laozhai, Bulang, Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Daye – Big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2009
Type: Ageing dark tea (Shu - Ripe Puer)

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