Spirit of Wuyishan

Wuyishan Matouyuan Rougui 2023

Wuyishan Huiyuankeng Laocong Shuixian 2023

A tasting set of two excellent teas from the mountains of Wuyishan – Water Spirit from old tea trees (Laocong Shuixian) and Cinnamon tree (Rougui). Intense, intoxicating with a distinct "Rock taste" - a specific mineral sweetness that the unique terroir of the cliffs and gorges of Wuyishan lends these teas.

Energetic yet elegant, Rougui comes from the beautiful Matou Yuan garden with a temple in the heart of the Rock City, which we fell in love with. The roasting is brought to the very edge, but not a millimetre beyond it - beautifully deepening the rich aroma and giving intensity and depth to the taste.

The mysterious yet lovely Shuixian originates from the Huiyuankeng gorges, where centuries-old moss-covered tea trees mature peacefully, gaining depth and wisdom. The tones of the forest and the meditative mood are enveloped by the endless sweet aftertaste of rocks and moss.

Origin: Wuzishan, Fujian, China
Cultivar: Rougui + Shuixian
Harvest: Spring 2023
Type: Oolong tea

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