Mengsong 2006

Mengsong 2006

A beautiful example of what is now usually called "dry" storage, in this case, the climate of Yunnan's capital, Kunming. The tea here matures slowly and develops into drier but very clean flavours. This cake from the Mengsong Mountains may seem inconspicuous at first - neither a particularly old taste nor freshness will catch your attention. However, beneath the surface, it hides a deep and harmonious structure and strength - dense sweetness combined with elegant tannins and beautiful bitterness, a long, intense taste. Rich aromas of dried fruit, and dry woods with a trace of smoke refer to dry storage, but the taste of the tea is still fresh with a strong line of camphor (typical of well-ripened Shengs) and it leaves a pleasantly fresh, moist mouthfeel.

Origin: Mengsong, Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Daye – Big leaf tea tree
Harvest: 2006
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puer
Storage: Kunming


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