Tea guidebook "Co s tím listím" (ONLY IN CZECH)

"Co s tím listím" or "What to do with those leaves" is a small tea guidebook that will walk you through the basics of tea preparation and make an excellent addition to your tea bookshelf. As of now, it is only in CZECH.


It was created and beautifully illustrated by Alice Břečková. A couple of years ago she experienced our Summer Tea School and recently she came up with the idea to create a simple little guidebook, that could be always close at hand and give you basic information about tea. It combines the materials from our two basic workshops, which we repeated and updated many times. We dressed the content in a nice paper cover, so it can also be a nice tea decoration.


The guidebook consists of 24 pages with 20 original illustrations. You will find in it:

  • A short introduction about the tea plant and its effects

  • Tea preparation basics

  • 3 basic styles of preparation (western, eastern, single bowl)

  • A simple summary of tea "colours" by processing 

  • About storage, tasting and quality

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