Si Shan 2019

One of the greatest treasures in our collection, the culmination of many years of travelling to Yunnan and studying Puer.


Si Shan or "Four Mountains" is a set of four tea cakes from the old trees of the four famous tea mountains of Yiwu, Manzhuan, Mangzhi and Yibang, which together with the Gedeng and Youle areas are known as the "Six famous tea mountains". It is one of the most valued production areas of Sheng Puer for the unique taste of local ancient tea trees.

Because all 4 teas are processed by the same experienced hands with the utmost care, from the selection of individual trees to pressing, you have the opportunity to taste the distinctive characters of individual mountain ranges in their most crystalline form. A true expression of terroir character of individual famous tea mountains. Each tea possesses unique and distinctive body sensations and haptic feedbacks which we find to be the purest paradigm to learn about and understand the beauty of puer teas from classical and most famous areas of puer production.

In terms of taste, they are all clean, soft, full and deep. Aromatically, in the mouth and in the body, they manifest themselves differently according to the typical character of the mountain range, which you have the opportunity to get to know.


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All 4 teas are processed by the same producer, Mr Gao and Ms Xiaoluo in Manzhuang, where they have their own ancient tea gardens and maocha processing workshop. They buy fresh tea leaves from the four surrounding areas, which they process themselves. Sishan is made from the highest quality teas, the so-called "exclusive Gushu", i.e. only mature, old trees. In ... I went to Manzhuan and had the opportunity to spend several days processing teas from this area. As soon as the sun rose, we went to the neighbouring Mangzhi mountains for fresh leaves. The journey took two hours in an all-terrain vehicle along winding mountain roads. We then spent the whole day with the pickers in the tea forest, where Mr Gao carefully supervised the harvest and selected the best trees. In the early evening, after the harvest was over, he lined the trunk of the jeep with huge palm fronds and loaded the day's harvest. With the sun setting over the endless green peaks, we set off on our way back. As soon as we parked at the workshop, we put the leaves onto large bamboo baskets for withering. After a hearty Yunnan dinner, it was time to build a fire under the large wok pans for roasting tea and a long, careful petting of the leaves that lasted well into the night.

Our long-time friend, teacher and supplier of "modern" Shengpuers, Dageng Chen, is behind the composition of the highest quality teas from the famous 4 mountains into one set. It focuses on fresh "Single origin", i.e. unmixed Puer, and with its uncompromising tasting standard, it makes the pure character of individual mountain ranges and old trees stand out. Only a few tens of kilos of Sishan are produced per year. Some years it does not occur at all, because the quality of the harvest is not always sufficient. Most will be sold among a small circle of friends or remain in the producer's archive, so we are very grateful that a few tongs have landed with us and we can offer you this delicious and unique study treasure.

The teas are manually stone-pressed into 250g cakes directly in Manzhuan. Four cakes from the four mountain ranges are traditionally packed in a bamboo tong. The complete set, therefore, contains 1 kg of premium tea suitable for archiving. We would like to offer Sishan to a wider audience, so you can also order a smaller tasting set, in which you will find each of the 4 teas in a 25g package.


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