Sencha Matsunokuchi 2023

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Kumamoto Sencha Matsunokuchi 2023

A plump fresh green tea with an elegant sweet umami taste of unripe fruit and freshly cut meadow with a long vegetal aftertaste.

Origin: Aso, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan
Cultivar: Matsunokuchi Zairai - small trees grown from seed, planted by our farmer's grandfather in the 1960s 
Harvest: Ichibancha - spring 2023
Type: Green tea

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Matsunokuchi Sencha by Mr Noguchi (from whom we have had teas in the past, and currently you can find another great Hojicha from him in our offer) is almost the opposite of the classic modern Sencha. Compared to them, it is much less aromatic and wild—just as Mr Noguchi likes to drink it.
It is a tea from a part of the garden that Mr Noguchi's grandfather planted more than 60 years ago from seeds selected by Zairai based on his own preferences. The goal was not to create a pleasant and fragrant tea, but rather a traditional, full-fat sencha that combines bitterness with sweetness and umami with the scent of grass and herbs, which can withstand a little less sensitive handling.
This is also why we recommend trying the farmer's method of preparation, where rather than cold water, we brew the tea with relatively hot water (approx. 90°C) and the infusions are short and brisk. This way, the tea comes out richer and at the same time offers a surprising number of infusions. At the same time, it also works great for Western preparation and for cold maceration.

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