2018 Shupu Fangcha

Enjoyable, warming aged dark tea with rich, smooth earthy taste and a scent reminding of dirt, precious woods and dried fruits with fresh and lively aftertaste. Really easy going tea suitable for every moment of the day. A really nice and pure example of modern style (applied since early 2000's) of fermentation. Thorough thru and thru. That's true though :) resulting in rather fruity/fragrant creamy profile contrary to oldschool style pronouncing rather woody, forest-like earthy tones (which you can taste in our beautiful old style fermented Shu puer fangcha - Early 2000's).

The subtropical area of ​​Xishuangbanna in the south of the Chinese province of Yunnan, where our "Heroine" comes from, is extremely rich in flora and fauna. Almost everything is grown here. It also belonged to the infamous Golden Triangle, and it was right there where the heroin wrapped in bamboo bark was smuggled from and packaged exactly the same as our tea is. Hence the inspiration for its name. In such traditional bamboo package you will find a delicate shu puer tea that's gonna leave you addicted for the life :). The half-kilo package contains two 250 g bricks into which the tea leaves are pressed after fermentation.

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan province, China
Cultivar: Dayezhong - Big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2018
Type: Dark fermented tea (Shu Puer)
: Kunming dry storage


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