Double Lions Yiwu 2005

"Double Lions Tongqing Hao" Yiwu 2005

Deep, distinct aged Sheng Puerh with a matured rich and mineral taste and the scent reminiscent of dried fruits and precious woods with a long, full and refreshing aftertaste.

Origin: Yiwu mountains, Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Daye - big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2005
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puerh
: Taiwan

This tea cake was made by a Taiwanese producer with reference to famous teas from small family productions in the pre-communist so-called "Antique Vintage" era before the year 1950. The larger leaf pickings and the packaging (the cakes are stacked in a bamboo tong without paper wrappers) both imitate the famous tea cake "Double Lions" from a family company Tongqing Hao from the 1930s.
The cake is developing beautifully, after 16 years in a skillfully maintained storage in Taiwan it has matured and grown stronger. It can be both a delicious tasting experience and a treasured item in your tea archive. We believe that after a couple of decades of good storage it will offer experiences like old archived teas that are no longer available today.

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