2002 Qingbing Private Order 8582

8582 Private Order Sheng Puer 2002

A breathtaking top-shelf archived tea with many layers of full flavours and scents from camphor and myrrh to lilac blossoms and raw tea leaves with an incredible honeyed and thick aftertaste.

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Daye – big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2002
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puerh
: Traditional Hong Kong, later "drier" in Taiwan


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This case of a classic recipe is not a standard production from the Menghai Tea Factory, but a private custom production from a very high-quality leaf from the Menghai region. The tea was mostly lightly matured in a very competent traditional way in Hong Kong and then soon moved to the archive in Taiwan, where it was matured in "rather drier" natural and very clean storage conditions. The result is a wonderful and deeply captivating tea. We are absolutely fascinated by the resilient power of this tea. 6 grams in a 100ml gaiwan made more than 25 infusions in one session, and then we moved the leaves to a 0.6l kettle, boiled it and it was still great. Then we boiled it again... and again... and we could probably keep boiling it further :) 4 litres and many hours of bliss from just 6g of leaves. An incredible tasting experience across the infusions, where an intense lively camphor base with a texturally and haptically honey-dense character is accompanied by a number of other interesting notes. Across the infusions, we were reminded for example of traditional Czech chewing gum Pedro, blooming lilac alleys or the wild forests of the tea mountains.

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