Humidity control Boveda 69% Large 320g

The best two-way humidity control for tea archivation. Boveda changes and maintains the humidity in its surrounding at the value that it's calibrated for, in our case that is 69 %. We have years of experience with ageing both sheng and shu puer using this humidity level and it works great. Boveda can be directly in contact with both loose leaf and pressed tea and there is no danger of mould or too high humidity. Boveda is used also for cigars or foodstuffs.

You can store your sweethearts carefree and let them ripen. As Boveda says „No mess. No worries. Enjoy.“

The size (weight) of your Boveda should always be adequate for the space that you want to humidify. Bovedas "lifespan" is dependent on the size of the space and also the difference between the original humidity and the one Boveda is set to maintain. After the Boveda gives out all of its moisture, effectively moistening the tea and its surroundings, it completely hardens and needs to be replaced.

Large Boveda with a weight of 320g is ideal for larger storage containers, cabinets or clay jars.

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