Xiaguan Jiaji Tuocha 2006

Xiaguan Jiaji Tuocha 2006

Straight forward aged sheng puer with a lightly smoked, thick, mineral dry but breezy taste and aroma with a warming honeyed aftertaste. 

Xiaguan Tea Factory is one of the most famous communist-era factories, and it is located on the north border of tea growing in Yunnan, therefore in a quite dry and cool environment, which gives their tea a unique, dry and mineral character. The smoky aroma is more typical for their younger teas. Our Tuocha was born in the golden years before the massive decline in tea quality in 2008. Quality material and precise storage in Taiwan give it a solid aged but pristine taste and show us in which direction can teas from "the northern mountains" develop in later years.

We recommend it for every tea archive.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Dayezhong – big leaf tea trees
Harvest: 2006
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puer
Storage: Natural ("dry") in Taiwan until 2022

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