Roots Liubao early 1990's

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Roots Liubao early 1990's

Early 1990's Duoteli Liubao

Deep and both warming and refreshing aged dark tea with a thick, deep, earthy and mineral taste, a scent reminiscent of soil and forest, rare woods and roots with a sweetly cooling aftertaste.

It displays surprising stamina and power in taste and in the effect on the body and mind. Its taste and aroma have many layers, which reminds us of well-stored sheng puer, and it can go through all the positions that all of our younger liu baos have. For me personally, it is one of the best archive teas and it beats even much older liu baos.

Origin: Wuzhou, Guangxi, China
Cultivar: Zhong Ye - Medium-leaf tea bushes
Harvest: Early 1990's
Type: Dark tea (Heicha)
Storage: Malaysia

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Category: 茶 Tea
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