Liu Zao 2002

Vietnam Hà Giang Trà Phổ Nhĩ Chín Cổ Thụ 2002

Deep, warming and refreshing matured dark tea with a clean, earthy, mineral taste and aroma reminiscent of clay, wood, ice and rain with a sweetly cooling aftertaste.

Additionally fermented tea from old trees in the north of Vietnam, the same production year and producer as our favourite X.O. Shupu 2002, just a finer picking of buds and leaves. The taste reminds us of the archival Liubao (hence the name), which is not surprising because usually Vietnamese material is imported to Guangxi and mixed into the local Liubaos. On this year's spring expedition, we even came across a kind of pre-fermented material intended for export to Guangxi and the production of Liubao. So we are not afraid to rank our Liu Zao next to Liubao, and the taste, aroma and effect are comparable to the old Liubao, moreover, at a much lower price. Because of the picking the leaves are very small with a proportion of fragments, so they brew much faster. In the cup, the quality is in our opinion on par with the top Liubao 1999 and 1990's Roots Liubao from our collection.

Origin: Tây Côn Lĩnh, Hà Giang, Vietnam
Cultivar: Big leaf old tea trees
Harvest: 2002
Type: Dark tea (Heicha)
Storage: Vietnam



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Category: 茶 Tea
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