Jiujia Gushu - First Spring 2021

Jiujia Gushu Yichun 2021

Fresh spring ageing Sheng Puerh with a full bittersweet taste and a scent reminiscent of unripe peaches and menthol with a long green and breezy aftertaste.

Experimental limited edition - unblended first spring harvest from old trees from the Jiujia region. Expert tree picking and processing under the supervision of our longstanding supplier, teacher and friend. 

If you wish, you can compare the first unblended (Jiujia First spring) and the blended (Jiujia Gushu) spring harvest, you can try our tasting set.

Origin: Jiujia, Yunnan, China
Cultivar:  Daye – big leaf tea trees, old trees
Harvest: Spring 2021
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puerh


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Category: 茶 Tea
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