Vietnam Hà Giang Huang Pian 2023

Soft tea juice made from large leaves of old trees with a light, sweet taste and aroma reminiscent of nettles and birch blossoms with a gentle sweet aftertaste.

A side product from making higher grade tea (something like Bancha in Japanese tea production), from old tea trees containing the pristine character of the wild mountains.

Big overripe leaves, called Huang Pian in China, are either sorted out from high-grade Maocha or from tea tree pruning throughout the year.  It is suitable for everyday drinking and has a minimum amount of caffeine. Compared to Maocha it usually gives fewer infusions but it also has a several times lower price tag. Firmly pressed using hydraulics, ideal for travelling, hardy and in the jungle stealthy as a unit of Vietcong.

Origin: Tây Côn Lĩnh, Hà Giang, Vietnam
Cultivar: Big leaf old tea trees
Harvest: April 2023
Type: Raw (Sheng) Puerh


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Category: 茶 Tea
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