Giang Pang Autumn 2023

Giàng Pằng Trà Phổ Nhĩ sống Gushu 2023

Fresh, dessert old tree sheng puer with a sweet taste and aroma of mountain flowers, guava and dried tomatoes and a light refreshing astringency in the aftertaste..

Origin: Giàng Pằng, Yên Bái, Vietnam
Cultivar: Big leaf old tea trees
Harvest: August 2023
Raw (Sheng) Puerh

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We have already visited Giàng Pằng village in Yên Bái province twice this year. Already during the spring trip, the local mao cha from the old tea plantations charmed us, but unfortunately we did not manage to buy it. On our next trip to this area in August, however, luck already smiled on us and we did not hesitate, they bought and then pressed the tea for us and packed it in our wrappers at friends from Ha Giang province.

So it is autumnal material from old trees that are scattered around the village, where there are still no roads or electricity, and which are owned and cared for by the Hmong ethnic community. Compared to the spring material, this autumn sheng puer is much denser, sweeter, but also with a noticeable bitter (but it must be added that it is beautifully fresh) line in the finish. Exactly as you can expect from quality autumn material.

Category: 茶 Tea
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